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Treatments, Prices and What to Expect

A thorough assessment of the problematic joint or tissue and the surrounding area, allowing a prognosis to be made and a treatment plan to be created.
Includes : biomechanical and postural assessment, gait analysis, range of movement, neural testing, muscle testing, joint tests.

Approx 45 minutes

A personal treatment plan will be created for you and will be specific to your injury, your sport and made to fit into your lifestyle.
Includes:  hot and cold therapy, sports massage, joint mobilisations,  taping and strapping, biomechanical correction, electrotherapy and exercise plans.
*some of these sessions may take place in the fitness room

Approx 30-45 minutes

Sports massage is a deep massage that can be used to prevent injury as well as aid rehabilitation. It is predominately used for releasing tight muscles and for helping to break down scar tissue therefore increasing range of movement.

Approx 45 minutes


Please ring to enquire about this service



Please note that payment can be made either by cash, contactless or cheque.


Cancellation within 12 hours of your appointment may incur the charge of the full treatment price.

What to expect....
When you first arrive at the sports centre, please ask at main reception for directions to the clinic room.
If the therapist is with another patient then please use the chairs in the waiting area and the therapist will be with you as soon as possible.
Please dress appropriately for the appointment – gym wear (shorts and T-shirt) or loose fitted clothing are preferable.
During the session you may be asked to undress to your underwear dependent on the area of treatment.
Please bring with you any X-ray/scans that you may have.

The Society of Sports Therapists

The Society of Sports Therapists
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